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Chemical anchor hole cleaning blow pump

BAP-S blow-out pump is a solution for all kinds of sealant and epoxy installation. The air pressure is 5kg and with the 360° circumgyrate air-out pipe we can clean the drilled holes easily in any direction. It is light and portable, definitely a must-have tool for chemical anchor fixing. BAP-S blow-out pump is suitable for small size of drilled hole.

Specification of BAP-S blow-out pump

  • Item No.: BAP-S
  • Air Pressure: 5KG
  • Revolving air flow pipe device
  • PVC Quality body
  • Length of body: 190mm
  • Length of pipe: 300mm

Standard Packing

  • One piece in PE bag
  • 24pcs per carton
  • Other packing requirements, please check with us.

How to install chemical anchor?

1. Drill the specific hole size and depth. 2. Clean dust with brush and air blow pump. 3. Press out unmixed resin which can’t be used. 4. Inject mixed resin into drilled hole and fill from the bottom. 5. Insert rebar/threaded rod/steel strip. Curing time refer to TDS. Don’t touch until full curing. The installation process will affect the bonding performance of chemical anchors.