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Suitable for:

  • Non-cracked concrete ≥ C20/25.
  • Natural stone with dense structure.


  • Frame for aluminum and glass facades
  • Apply for guard rails and cable trays
  • Installation of stair handrails
  • Shelves system, warehouse rack
  • Installation of factory conveyor systems
  • Installation of steel constructions


Product details:

  • EXPANSION BOLT is made of steel grade 8.8, so it can withstand extremely high loads, especially shear forces; and large vibration forces. It’s suitable for compressive and tensile concrete areas
  • The thickness of zinc coating <=5 µm
  • Suitable for compression installation plan
  • The tip and outer layer of the bolt have been improved to increase the bearing capacity and allow the bolts to be juxtaposed or installed close to the edge of the foundation in the tension and bearing concrete area


  • Economical solutions for constructions and other applications
  • Diameter ranges from 6mm – 20mm, you can adjust the application thickness with WDB expansion bolts


Installation Instructions

  • Application drilling for concrete foundation materials