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Manual injection sealant caulking gun

WDB-G-1013 dual component caulk gun has high thrust ratio 26:1. It is designed for 160ml adhesive with 1:1 mixing ratio. Ideal for DIY repair, renovation for small area. This manual dual cartridge applicator is made with heavy duty metal with premium finish offer durable quality. It could premix two part adhesive from the cartridge and very easy to trigger and dispense various of sealant smoothly and precisely. Suitable for cold weather applications.

Small volume manual high viscosity epoxy dispenser gun

For small or space-intensive adhesive applications, it is important to select a suitable caulking dispenser gun to maximum efficiency. This caulking gun is designed for use with small side by side cartridge. It is able to premix the two component adhesive from the cartridge and saving time and money. Most importantly, this small manual double cartridge caulk gun produces a great result even in cold weather.

Specification of WDB-G-1013 160ml heavy duty dispensing gun

  • Item No.: WDB-G-1013
  • For 160ml-180ml side by side double component cartridge adhesive
  • Color: Black/Red/Blue
  • Cartridge ratio: 1:1
  • Thrust Ratio: 26:1
  • Handle: Aluminum alloy
  • Trigger: Metal
  • Carriage: Metal

WDB-G-1013 manual injection sealant caulking gun is suitable for DIY repair project

  • Steady quality with competitive price
  • Easy installation and operation
  • Energy saving design
  • Twin gripping plate
  • Anti-drip design
  • Suitable for high viscosity sealant
  • High quality for long-term using
  • Press the trigger for short time pause or pulling out the steel arm

Standard Packing

  • 10pcs per carton
  • Carton dimension: 38×26.5x29cm(H)
  • N.W.: 6KGS
  • G.W.: 6.5KGS
  • Other packing requirements, please check with us.

How to use a caulking gun?

1. There is a small trigger on the back of the caulking gun. Press the release trigger with your thumb. This will loosen the long steel rod that runs through the entirety of the frame. 2. Pull the plunger all the way back. 3. Remove the white cap and plug of tube and then screw the mixer nozzle on to the tube. Insert the flat end of the tube into the back of the gun first and put the tube with the mixer nozzle in the front. Pull the handle trigger to move the plungers of caulking gun. Make sure that the plungers of caulking gun are in the center of tube pistons. It is very important to put the tube in the correct position.