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150ml is special for DIY household and hardware fastener store. Small volume for one-time disposable using and no special gun required. Used with normal silicon gun.

Ideally suited for medium load applications, the fastening strength is stronger than the base material itself and as the system is based on chemical adhesion, no load stress is imparted to the base material. Ideal for close to edge fixing, reduced center and group anchoring, fixing machines, threaded studs and handrails, etc.


  • Material: Polyester with styrene (Shelf life: 12 months)
  • Material: Epoxy Acrylate with styrene (Shelf life: 18 months)
  • Material: Vinylester styrene free (Shelf life: 18 months)
  • Size: 150ml
  • Mixing ratio: 10:1
  • Mixed color: Gray
  • Standard package: One cartridge with one mixer and plunger

Features & Benefits

  • Available for Polyester, Epoxy Acrylate, Vinylester.
  • Used with normal silicon gun. No extra gun needed.
  • Small volume for hardware store.
  • Completed mixture.
  • Low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) according to LEED test.
  • Ideal for small consumption, close to edge fixing, threaded studs, etc.

Fixing onto solid bases

  • Concrete
  • Marble / Reconstituted stone
  • Rock / Stone
  • Hollow brick / Solid masonry
  • Solid brick / Solid block
  • Sand lime brick
  • Perforated slab

Where Chemical Anchor used for?

  • Steel dowels
  • Staircases
  • Hand rails
  • Facade
  • Sound barriers
  • Pipelines
  • Awnings
  • Steel brackets
  • Consoles
  • Bridge beams

Installation Guide

Application & Technical Dimension

  1. Drill correct hole size and depth.
  2. Blow out dust.
  3. Clean the hole with brush.
  4. Blow out remaining dust.
  5. Inject adhesive from the bottom.
  6. Insert into the hole.
  7. Wait for few minutes. The steel and concrete will bond very firmly.